Layered Berry Trifle

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If you want a recipe that not only looks pretty and delicious, but that everyone will totally love, than you must check out this great recipe for Layered Berry Trifle! It's always nice to have a fruity dessert to bring to a gathering or BBQ since berries are in season and it just makes for a nice, light dessert. This dessert is made with lots of berries, blueberries and strawberries, mixed with sugar for some added sweetness and layered with whipped cream and cream cheese and a pound cake. Sounds good doesn't it? You basically layer all of the different parts of the trifle in a trifle bowl or in another nice clear dish that you will be able to see all the pretty colours and layers.

Trifles are an old English dessert, and unlike the modern ones, like this Layered Berry Trifle in the recipe, they were sometimes even made with bread soaked in sherry or other types of alcohol. But like this one, they were also always usually topped with whipped cream. There were also other variations of trifle being made with jelly and fruit being suspended in this jelly mix and put in a jelly mold.

The very first type of trifle refers to a dessert made with sugar, ginger and rosewater mixed into cream, which sounds pretty good actually! And then some years later, eggs were added to make a custard and then the custard was spread overtop of the alcohol soaked bread. They could also be made with juices or ginger ale, so that there was no alcohol in them. I think I prefer this recipe's version, with no liquid in it, there is just something about cake soaked in liquid that just isn't appealing to me at all although many love it that way.

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