Layered Chicken Taco Salad

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This layered chicken taco salad recipe would be perfect anytime or for any special event, and it is our featured recipe today. This salad has greens, chicken, corn and tomatoes just to name a few of the tasty foods in it.

Salads are such a great healthy choice of food. There are so many nutritious ingredients in this one. Let's just look at spinach. It is low in calories and high in minerals and vitamins. You can eat all the spinach you want and not worry about weight gain from it. Spinach is readily available pretty much year round as when it is not coming from outdoor gardens it is being cultivated in large greenhouses. It is inexpensive for the grower and the consumer. It grows very quickly, so the grower does not spend a lot of time just waiting for this crop to mature. This is one of the reasons spinach is always affordable. You can eat spinach raw, cooked or even in a spinach smoothie. Spinach is considered a heart-healthy food. It is loaded with antioxidants and iron. We know it made Popeye strong to the finish, cause he ate his spinach!

Tomatoes are like candy to my pallet. While others may snack on other things, I just love a big basket of small tomatoes sitting on my counter to devour when I am in the mood for a little nibble! Fortunately, tomatoes are also just such a healthy food to eat. With tomatoes eating them cooked or raw offer important health benefits. It has been proven that eating tomatoes in one way or another two times a week reduces the chance of certain cancers. They are also good for your eyes and heart disease. Foods rich in cooked tomatoes also boost our bodies ability to work against the sun's UV damaging rays. So, no matter how you consume tomatoes, keep doing it!Now let us head over to the Shugary Sweets website at the link just below and get the full instructions and ingredients for this tasty meal.

Nutrition Facts for: Layered Chicken Taco Salad From Shugary Sweets
Ingredients: Romaine lettuce, spinach, chicken, Mexicorn, Tomatoes, cheese, onions, tortilla chips or strips, cilantro, salsa, French dressing.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 501, Calories from Fat 160, Total Fat 17.8g 27%, Saturated Fat 7.2g 36%, Cholesterol 66mg 22%, Sodium 455mg 19%, Potassium 948mg 27%, Carbohydrates 62.6g 21%, Dietary Fiber 8.6g 34%, Sugars 17.0g, Protein 28.6g, Vitamin A 56%, Vitamin C 42%, Calcium 30%, Iron 33%

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