Layered Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Enjoy this Layered Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe that puts even more chocolate in to the middle of a cookie recipe. This chocolate chip cookie recipe uses a whopping nine ounces of chocolate in the middle of the cookie to make a great layered delight. In this particular layered chocolate chip recipe, the dough is split up in to three separate parts. Then these parts or dough sections are thoroughly chilled. When you take them out from the fridge, each of the layers is rolled out to the same size. On the bottom section, you sprinkle some of the chocolate. Then you put the middle layer on the top of the bottom section, enclosing the chocolate in the middle. Then you put more chocolate on that second layer. Repeat the step that you did with the first layer and add the top over the second layering of chocolate. Cut and bake. Yum.

This is a bit of a demanding layered chocolate chip cookie recipe that might not be suitable to a young baker, or at least, an up and coming baker would likely need some assistance throughout the baking process. Although making the basic recipe might be fairly easy, a young baker might need some help to get the three portions of the chocolate chip cookies recipe evenly split up before putting it in to the fridge to chill well. As well, rolling out the relatively smaller amounts of dough might be challenging to a new baker. Finally, getting each of the dough sections rolled out to the same size could also be challenging to a new baker. So each of these steps might require some over sight and assistance as the aspiring baker tries to meet the challenge of this interesting cookie with a unique twist on how the chocolate chip goes in to the middle of it!

This is a great cookie that will intrigue and interest any one who gets to eat one of them at your dinner table tonight. Chocolate chip cookies were created by accident. The head baker at the Toll House cookie factory had run out of their regular chocolate, and so, instead, the bakers use broken chunks of chocolate instead. There are plenty of variations to this story, including that the invention of the chocolate chip cookie was no accident at all, but a planned new design. In any event, since the first appearance of a cookie with chunks of chocolate in it, in the late 1930s, this variation of cookie has grown to become an all time loved and classic cookie. Enjoy this variation of that cookie soon with your kids and anyone else you want to share them with! Bake some soon!

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