Layered Salad In a Cake Pan

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This is called a Layered Salad In a Cake Pan, but it is really an entire meal. You could easily serve this for lunch as a stand alone and very filling dish. It is also a creative way to serve up the veggies you want your family to eat. Make this layered salad for dinner, too, and serve some kind of meat patty, chicken, fish or vegetarian protein to round out the dinner. It will be fantastic, and your family will thoroughly enjoy this change from the usual meat and potatoes dinner.

It might be a good idea to read over the recipe for this dish first, before you begin. It is an easy salad to put together, just a little unusual in its construction and how it is finally chilled before serving. There are lots of great foods in this dish that make it both good for you and pretty to look at. The purple onion is a great choice because it is very pretty in dishes, but it is also a much more mild flavored onion than the common yellow onion that we often use in cooking. If you want the onion flavor to recede even further, once you chop it up, soak it briefly in water. That will ensure a mild flavor of the onion throughout this dish.

This is an easy dish to prepare and just requires that you get all of the ingredients, chop them up, and layer them up. It will create a very pretty and unique salad that your family will appreciate over the usual torn lettuce and veggie jumble that we so often throw together at the last minute. It does need to be refrigerated overnight, so don’t forget about that when you make up this dish for your family.

Nutrition Facts of the Layered Sald Recipe from Chin Deep Food Blog
Ingredients: Lettuce, purple onion, celery, green pepper, mushrooms, peas, mayonnaise, sugar or honey, cheddar cheese, bacon.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 12 servings *Per Serving: Calories 255, Calories from Fat 168, Total Fat 18.7g 29%, Saturated Fat 4.9g 25%, Cholesterol 24mg, 8%Sodium 427mg 18%, Potassium 126mg 4%, Carbohydrates 17.3g 6%, Dietary Fiber 2.0g 8%, Sugars 6.6g, Protein 6.0g, Vitamin A 16%, Vitamin C 16%, Calcium 8%, Iron 9%

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