Lazy Cabbage Rolls Skillet

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This Lazy Cabbage Rolls Skillet recipe will let you make a delicious cabbage rolls recipe with less than one half of the work. This skillet recipe puts this great dish all in one pan, making it quick and easy to prepare. And it tastes almost as good as when you go to all that trouble of individually wrapping each little mound of meat and rice in to a leaf of cabbage to make individual cabbage rolls. So this recipe gives you big flavor and little trouble. What could be better for dinner tonight? Make this cabbage rolls recipe, and no one will complain that they are not made in the traditional style. That is because they will be gobbling up your delicious dish!

This recipe uses turkey instead of the classic beef. There is a substantial difference in the taste of turkey when it is compared to beef, so you should be prepared for that. But you may enjoy it, and turkey is a lean meat, filled with plenty of protein. As well, it is just an opportunity to change tastes for once, and have your family enjoy an old dish made with a new twist. And ground turkey is almost as widely available as ground beef and is comparable in price. It is also certainly comparable in terms of its nutritional value, and even includes some nutrients that are not available in beef. Of course, beef also has its own particular nutrients, so, in the end, both are good choices to make for your family.

Rice is the carbohydrate used in this recipe. You will likely have to use white rice since other rice may take longer to cook and often uses up more liquid than might be available in this cabbage rolls skillet recipe. So be sure to stick with the white rice. Choose an interesting basmati or jasmine rice to add a beautiful look as well as great taste and texture to this dish.

But the big win with this dish is the ease with which you can capture the flavor of a cabbage rolls recipe without having to endure all the trouble of making individual cabbage rolls. That is a big time saver. After all, if you can get the flavor, why waste time with all that steaming of the individual cabbage leaves, letting them cool, separating them out, then adding a mound of meat and rice mixture, rolling it again, and on and on. It takes forever, although the taste is fabulous. Still, this method captures all that taste, and saves big on time and effort, so you can turn your interest and energy elsewhere. Take advantage of this easy recipe and enjoy it soon.

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