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You will want to learn all there is to know about eco-building and sustainable housing. Some of the green buildings you might consider include cob cottages, adobe eco buildings, wood both dimensional and raw, stone, bamboo green buildings, thatch, wattle and daub, earthen plasters and paints and lime. Abundant Edge is a good place to start if you want to learn more about these eco building designs. Abundant Edge specializes in working with local and minimally processed building materials. They pride themselves on their ability to work with local specialists and labor crews to help build quality structures and landscapes to deliver the highest quality home design that is customized to your needs and the needs of your surrounding environment.

Abundant Edge takes a unique approach to sustainable housing and eco-building. Their approach to landscape design and eco-building utilizes permaculture methods to help coax the ecology on your building site and resiliance. Whether your goals are native species preservation, rainwater harvesting, food production, or simply a beautiful garden to enjoy, they can help you to grow your dream space. They emphasize land management techniques that also benefit the local ecology. They are skilled at implementing food forests, water harvesting with contour swales and ponds, soil building and heavy mulch application, native species preservation, and wildlife habitat restoration. They never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and favor tools and methods that promote a balance of life and symbiotic relationships on your land. At Abundant Edge they know that a healthy landscape begins with healthy soil. From there they take a holistic approach to water management, companion planting, plant cultivation, beneficial life forms, and closed-loop processes, which are all geared toward building resilient and thriving ecosystems.

The good news is that natural and regenerative eco-building isn't only for people who are building a home from scratch in the woods. Though there are countless examples of cute rustic small cottage homes built from mud and sticks, the exact same building materials can be used to build larger sized home designs, a modern bungalow, or even just a good way to renovate an existing industrial structure. So you shouldn't worry if you already have a great home in a good location, but you would like your home to be retrofitted to reflect your love of the environment. The only limitations are the skill sets of the eco builders and the imagination and tenacity of the owners. Just as important as it is to the design for food production, soil building, and water harvesting, you'll never reach a regenerative lifestyle if your homes are toxic, consumptive and wasteful. Eco-buildings are the most essential, and too often overlooked part of a truly regenerative living system. Consider the building materials that are available on site such as stones, clay soil, lumber, stones, and suitable grasses and can save you tons of money in construction. Find out what building materials are available locally check with your neighbors, municipal bodies, community boards, even dumpsters and landfills could have perfectly good building materials and tools.

Abundant Edge are an ever-growing group of builders, artisans and designers, who are committed to creating a regenerative future through their crafts. They are optimists in their visions and pragmatists in their work, and value customization through collaboration and excellence through elegant and thoughtful design. Their mission is to create beautiful and healthy living and growing environments that perfectly fit the needs, goals and wants, of their clients while also working to help improve the environment. They believe that building an abundant future for you can include steps to an abundant future for all life on the planet. With whatever step you want to take towards a healthier, more regenerative lifestyle, they can help. **

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