Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Soup

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This easy soup idea takes a traditional turkey pot pie recipe and changes it up for a recipe you are sure to love. This is an excellent way to use up those Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey leftovers from a baked pot pie to a comforting, healthy homemade soup. You might find yourself with some turkey stock that needs using up, and this easy soup idea is just the thing to try. And what better way to use up turkey leftovers than in a healthy, comforting soup. This easy soup idea is the ultimate in comfort food and is sure to be a favorite. And the baked pie dough bits cut into different shapes are the perfect addition to this healthy homemade soup idea.

For this healthy homemade soup recipe some of the ingredients you will need to include chopped celery, onion, white wine, fresh thyme, all-purpose flour, salt and pepper, chicken stock, half and half, chopped turkey meat, carrots, potatoes, frozen peas, marjoram, and refrigerator pie dough. The refrigerator pie dough is an easy way to make the baked pie dough bits for the soup, sure to be a favorite for both young and old alike.

When it comes to the turkey that you are going to buy for your turkey dinner, there are more choices than ever before. The following are some of the things to consider when thinking about buying turkeys and a primer to help you select the right turkey at the store or the butcher shop. For starters, it's always a bit confusing to know which turkey to buy when it comes to dinner. A good rule of thumb is to buy a turkey for some people that you are serving. So, for example, you will need about one pound of turkey per person, or one and a half pounds per person if you want leftovers. You can even buy two smaller turkeys and serve one at one dinner and roast the second one for leftovers instead. When choosing a turkey for your dinner and leftover food ideas, it is often suggested to buy two turkeys. Another thing to consider is light meat or dark meat. If your family just likes eating dark turkey meat and doesn't care about carving into a whole bird at the table, you can just roast the turkey legs so that everyone is happy. On the other hand, if you only like the white turkey meat, order a bone-in turkey breast instead. As for the size of your oven, if your oven is not a standard size and runs small, make sure that there is enough room in there for your turkey and roasting pan.

When it comes to the turkey that you are going to buy for your turkey dinner, one of the options is that of free range or free roaming turkeys. Free range turkeys must have continuous, free access to the outdoors for over 51 percent of their lives, which some believe makes for a better tasting meat. You can feel better knowing that these birds lived a better life, and that is a good thing. While the idea of a free range where turkeys can roam free is nice, a free-range label may simply mean that the turkey has access to a door outside and there's no guarantee that the turkey went outside for a walk. You will find this easy soup idea on the Foodie Crush site. On the site, you will find easy soup ideas, main dish food ideas, side dish recipes, healthy homemade soup, dessert recipes, breakfast food ideas and so much more. **

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