Lemon Almond Bread

Photo Credit: Two Peas and Their Pod

Lemon bread is one of those sweet confections that I automatically associate with summer. It's sweet, tangy and goes perfect with both coffee and cocktails. This lemon almond bread recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod is a great touch on a classic lemon bread which brings a nice crunchy texture to this superb little bread.

Knowing how to bake a good lemon bread is an essential part of any baking repitoire. This lemon bread uses fresh lemon zest, which, in my opinion, captures so much more of that natural lemon flavour than even the freshest and most organic of bottled lemon juice ever could. It looks like something out of a boutique patisserie and the shaved almonds and sweet glaze really compliment the tangy lemon to make this the perfect coffee or dry cider accompaniment, or even just a stand alone dessert.

Maria and Josh at Two Peas and Their Pod have given us a delectable summer lemon dessert that packs a ton of flavour and texture into, honestly, not really a lot of effort. With only ten minutes prep time, and an hour in the oven at 350, this bread is fast, easy on the eyes and great when you need to whip something together in a hurry. This bread is dense, moist and combines two tried and true sweet and sour counterbalances. Maria recommends garnishing the bread with some fresh berries to add some colour and aesthetic appeal. I really like the tangy kick that lemon gives to many fruits that are much sweeter than lemons like raspberries and strawberries. I often will just squeeze some lemon (or lime) on fresh berries and dust them with some brown sugar and just eat them straight up!

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