Lemon Berry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes

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Discover a new way to complement the flavors of Lemon Berry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes with this great recipe. The website blogger and recipe creator suggests a very interesting twist on the base layer for these Lemon Berry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes that is well worth experimenting with. Be sure to try it. Without giving everything away, the optional base provides a surprising flavor contrast that also underscores and emphasizes the lemon berry. Try it out and see whether your family likes it!

This is an easy recipe that has several layers. It does involve some oven time, and the results will be much improved with time in the fridge to chill. Make these Lemon Berry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes early in the morning if you want to serve them the same day, or prepare them at night and put them in the fridge for the next day. These cheesecakes are made individually, which is also a nice way to serve a special dessert. The berry mix is also swirled in to the base layer of cream cheese and makes a pretty contrast of blue and pale gold. Every one will enjoy the presentation of these cakes.

Try this recipe out when you want to make something a bit special. It has lots of fruit and cheese and two options for the crust. Vanilla paste adds plenty of extra flavor as does the cream. Read the recipe over, and see which crust you might want to make. Or, double the recipe, and try both crusts. Why not? And then let you family and friends choose which one they prefer (and keep the other one for yourself!). Enjoy this recipe soon, won’t you?

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