Lemon Blueberry cheesecake bars

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These lemon blueberry cheesecake bars are lightened up using less sugar and some greek yogurt. This dessert recipe is perfect for when you are craving something sweet, but want something a little lighter. For the crust, you will need graham crackers and some melted coconut oil. The filling uses reduced fat cream cheese, plain greek yogurt, granulated sugar, fresh lemon juice, zest of one lemon, vanilla extract, white whole wheat flour, egg whites and fresh blueberries. You can store these cheesecake bars in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days. These lemon blueberry bars also freeze well, just thaw them overnight in the refrigerator for a sweet treat. This dessert recipe can be cut into nine larger bars, 12 medium sized dessert bars, or 16 smaller bars. For the full step by step recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Live Well Bake Often site.

Blueberries are plump and full of tart sweetness. Hot-house, cultivated, and overseas blueberries are available all year-round, but just-picked local berries are also available in most of North America sometime between June and August. Wild blueberries are a variety that tends to be smaller and have more concentrated flavor, whereas cultivated blueberries are bigger and juicier. Choosing blueberries. Even perfectly ripe fresh blueberries don't have much of a scent, so you want to use your eyes first. Look for dark blue fresh blueberries that have a slight white-silvery bloom on them. Avoid blueberries with a purplish or greenish color since that's a sign that the blueberries were picked indiscriminately and not at their peak. Second, use your hand. Blueberries should feel heavy for the amount in the pint. Third, give a few blueberries a taste. The blueberries should burst when you bite them and be tart but sweet.

When you buy fresh blueberries, you want to pick through them when you get home and remove any smashed, damage or cut blueberries. This because they will mold quickly and damage the other blueberries in the container if you leave them in. Blueberries are best when they are used as soon as possible. You can store the blueberries on the kitchen counter in a colander over a bowl that has an ice pack in it to help keep them cool if you are going to eat them within a day or two. Otherwise, store the blueberries in an air-tight container in the fridge, but not in the fruit drawer where it can get too humid. Just-picked fresh blueberries will keep up to a week when properly stored. Do not rinse or wash the blueberries until you are ready to use them as the moisture will shorten their storage span considerably. Freezing blueberries. Freezing blueberries is super-easy. First, rinse them and pat them dry, then lay the blueberries in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Put the tray of blueberries in the freezer until they are frozen solid, usually overnight will do the trick. Transfer the frozen blueberries to resealable plastic bags, squeezing out as much of the air as possible, and keep them frozen until ready to use. For most baked goods recipes, you can use the frozen berries straight from the freezer, as they'll defrost as the pie, tart or cake recipe bakes. Frozen blueberries are also delicious when served with some ice cream or frozen yogurt as a simple, fruity dessert recipe idea.

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