Lemon Blueberry Greek Yogurt Trifle

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Trifle bowl desserts are an excellent way to sneak in healthy ingredients like fresh fruit or even yogurt, like this lemon blueberry Greek yogurt trifle recipe does. This trifle recipe is an elegant jumble of blueberry sauce, lemon curd, angel food cake, and yogurt, and looks like you spent a lot more time on it than you did. The fact is that the only item you need to make from scratch is the blueberry sauce, so you can have the whole dessert recipe assembled in less than thirty minutes. This quick trifle recipe would work wonderfully for a family get-together or just for a beautiful summertime or spring dessert when blueberries are in season. This light, healthy dessert recipe will be something everyone will enjoy.

Lemon desserts recipes are perfect for spring or summertime desserts, because of their refreshing, tangy flavor. This trifle recipe calls for lemon curd, which you can find in jars anywhere jams and jellies are shelved in your grocery store, but it doesn’t take very long to make your own, plus you can control the level of tang and sweetness. All you need are some egg yolks, lemon zest, and juice; then you whisk over a pot of simmering water until the whole mix is thickened. Once cooled, the mixture will thicken even more and be perfect for folding into the luscious Greek yogurt of this lemon blueberry trifle recipe. The health benefits of lemons also make them an attractive dessert ingredient, because they are very high in vitamin C, and high in potassium, iron, and vitamin B6. A dessert recipe that also contains beneficial nutrients will make you feel like you could eat this trifle recipe every day.

For this lemon trifle recipe, it is imperative to use at least a 2% Greek yogurt or else the yogurt may be too thin and not creamy enough. The percentage amount refers to the amount of fat that is in the yogurt, and this is what makes yogurt nice and creamy. A lower percentage will result in a looser yogurt which won’t be as effective in this yogurt recipe. You may not want to take on a lot of fat in your healthy dessert recipes, but by using yogurt rather than whipped cream, you are already reducing the fat content significantly in your desserts. For an even healthier dessert, choose a Greek yogurt brand that contains very little added sugar. The store-bought angel food cake and the homemade blueberry sauce will provide plenty of sweetness to your dessert without adding sweetened yogurt into it as well.

This dessert uses frozen blueberries for the blueberry sauce, but when blueberries are in season, they will work just as well to create a syrupy sauce. Stewing blueberries on the stove coaxes out their sweetness and deepens their color into a purple sauce that makes this trifle recipe stand out. Thank you to Crissy, an author of ‘Real House Moms’ recipe blog, for sharing her lemon blueberry Greek yogurt trifle recipe.**

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