Lemon Chicken and Asparagus Stir Fry

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Lemon Chicken and Asparagus Stir Fry is a great combination of flavors. Lemon is just so good with both chicken and asparagus. And the lemon is blended with other piquant flavors that will taste great along side of the chicken and asparagus, garlic and teriyaki sauce. So this dish will be very flavorful. Asparagus is a vegetable that you can often get year round now even at your local grocery store. There are two varieties to choose from, white asparagus and green asparagus. White asparagus gets its color because the vegetable grows without being exposed to sunlight. It is quite beautiful to see it. Green asparagus is grown as usual exposed to the sunlight. It is also quite amazing to watch grow on its tall and sometimes spindly stalks. Asparagus is considered a queen among vegetables and as a result, asparagus gets a premium price, even in full season. Buy them any way. Just a few stalks on a plate are enough, and they are just too fabulous to turn up.

Asparagus is also very nutritious, and provides digestive support for our digestive tract, in the form of a rare prebiotic, known as inulin. Only chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke contain this prebiotic as well. Asparagus is also loaded with many different vitamins and minerals. Some of them include Vitamin K, folate, copper and iron, among too many others to name here. So you can feel very good about feeding the family this terrific veggie. To keep it fresh before you cook it, wrap the bottom of the asparagus stalk in a wet rag in the fridge. Cook the asparagus with the stalk intact, and then cut the bottom off once you have cooked it. Asparagus rarely takes more than about one minute to cook fresh; it often gets over cooked and loses its fabulous taste and texture as well. So be careful how you cook it.

This lemon chicken and asparagus (with garlic and teriyaki sauce) offers a whole range of strong and pungent flavors that both complement and contrast to one another. You will certainly enjoy this dish, especially served with some great basmati rice (choose white, which will absorb the flavors better than another type of rice). Enjoy this dish soon.

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