Lemon Chicken Thighs

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The juiciest part of the chicken to cook and still retain a lot of moisture is the thigh of the flightless bird. Yes chicken thighs with the bone left in can produce the tastiest and juiciest chicken dishes out there. Healthy chicken thigh recipes is the next step since they are the dark meat and have more fat that the trim and lean breast of the chicken. Recipes for chicken thighs in the oven are a great way to get your chicken thigh cooked and if you drain the fat mid way through cooking you will be better off for the effort. It is always suggested to use fresh herbs but not everybody is a stickler when it comes to using them and they are not absolutely necessary since the dry ones do a great job as well. If you happen to have fresh ones then always try to incorporate them into the recipe but make sure you are using them correctly.

Many times you might decide on fresh ones but always consider the heat and if you feel the cooking temperature is too high you are better off to go with the dry ones. Fresh herbs if put under very high heat release oils that might not give the recipe the intended flavor. Healthy chicken thigh recipes should always start with you taking the skin off them since this is where most of the bad oil and fat comes from. Whenever using recipes for chicken thighs in the oven you will be better off for deciding to cook them in that way.

If you have fresh chicken thighs and propose to cook them always consider shedding them of their skin since this is the part that is the tastiest but is also the worst part for you speaking in health terms. Even with the skin off always try to keep the bone in since this helps keep the end product juicer. If you love cooking chicken thighs then always try to give them a great marinade and if possible then marinate and keep them refrigerated overnight. Yes you can get away with only refrigerating for a few hours but the extra time will be worth it especially when your diners take that first savory bite. The longer the better when it comes to marinating any food you are thinking of cooking.

One thing that is the most crucial part of any cooking but is extra important when cooking chicken is the clean up. Cleaning your work surfaces and your hands is the most crucial part of cooking with chicken. Always keep a sanitizer close by and if you have cleaned everything with soap and water make sure to give everything a once over with a sanitizer. Bacteria can live for a few days on most surfaces that are not properly cleaned. As with any meat you are preparing use caution when storing in the fridge and try to avoid cross contamination. Thanks to Pam of For the Love of Cooking Blog for this yummy Lemon Chicken Thighs Recipe and bon apetit.*

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