Lemon Creams

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You will love just how easy these lemon creams are to make. All it takes is to whip them up in the mixer, dunk them in some chocolate, and enjoy. You can also make other citrus flavors with this no-bake treat. This lemon creams recipe doesn't need any fancy candy thermometer, and the ingredients are fairly basic. Some of the ingredients you will need for the dessert recipe include powdered sugar, butter, lemon juice and marshmallow cream. And you can also use slivers of candied lemon peel to decorate, which is another recipe that you can try at the Spruce Eats site. For the candied lemon peel recipe, you can save your citrus peels instead of throwing them out. The recipe uses orange, lemon, or grapefruit peels for the sweet-tart Candied Citrus Peel strips. Chop the citrus peels up and use them in other baking recipes and candy recipes, roll them in some sugar to give them a crunchy shell or dip them in chocolate for the ultimate treat.

When it comes time for dessert recipes, chocolate is one of the most popular ingredients to use. You can use chocolate for cake recipes, brownies, cookie recipes, chocolate-dipped candies and so much more. And when baking these recipes at home, there are a few helpful tips that you want to keep in mind when using chocolate that will give you a better and more flavorful dessert recipe. One tip you will want to remember is that a long serrated knife is the easiest way to help chop up chocolate for use in dessert recipes. For big chunks and heavy bars of chocolate, you will want to use a serrated knife as it's the easiest and fastest way to cut the chocolate down to size. Boost the chocolate flavor of your dessert recipe with some espresso. Up the chocolate flavor of your dessert recipe by adding a shot of espresso or a couple of spoonfuls of extra-dark coffee along with the liquid ingredients in the dessert recipe, or even espresso powder. This simple tip will really enhance the chocolate flavor of your dessert recipe without adding a strong coffee taste.

For dessert recipes that use melted chocolate, skip the chocolate chips and go for the real deal. Unless a dessert recipe that specifically calls for chocolate chips, you can keep them in the pantry and use some real chocolate instead, especially when melting chocolate. Chocolate chips are an ingredient that is made to be able to hold their shape in recipes, so there are better choices when a dessert recipe calls as melted chocolate. Use a water bath for a foolproof way to help melt chocolate. There are a few ways to help melt chocolate, but your best bet is to use a water bath. Not only can you see what's happening with the chocolate, but you also have more control over the melting process and are less likely to burn the chocolate than if you were using a double boiler or the microwave. A microwave is a great option when you don't have a lot of time. Melt the chocolate when mixing chocolate in a dessert recipe, and temper when making a candy coating. Melting and tempering the chocolate are two different processes, and they manipulate the chocolate in two different ways. Stick with melting chocolate when adding the chocolate to a dessert recipe, but temper it when the chocolate is being used as a coating for cookies and candy recipes.

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