Lemon Drizzle Cake (Sorry Starbucks)

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Lemon Drizzle Cake (Sorry Starbucks) is a wonderful coffee cake for an afternoon when you need a sweet pick me up. This recipe uses weight to measure out its quantities, the most accurate way to bake. Baking is considered the culinary master of the cooking world. That is because when you bake, your quantities need to be carefully measured. Unlike cooking, where you can add a bit of this or a tad more of that, baking, in order to ensure the same product quality every time you bake, requires strict controls on the bake. That is why professional bakers always weigh out their ingredients. If you want to bump up your baking to another level, you can switch too.

It’s easy to switch to weighing your ingredients rather than measuring them. All you need is a cheap weigh scale that measures in grams. Use grams rather than ounces; grams are the measure of most of the world’s bakers and your recipes will be much more accurate using this scale. Most weigh scales come in grams, too. To switch over, every time you bake, measure the flour, salt, sugar, and so on, then pop it on the scale to weigh it. Transfer that number next to your recipe, and from then on, you will have consistent results for that dish. Eggs are a bit trickier, since you have to blend the eggs, and then weigh them out, or, if you need either just yolks or whites, separate them, blend them, then weigh them. You might take it easy on yourself here, and just use the eggs one at a time.

For occasional bakers, don’t worry about weighing your ingredients. However, if baking is your pleasure, it will increase immeasurably if you weigh out your ingredients and ensure consistent results each and every time you bake. Try it with this recipe that already gives you the weights of everything you need to make this dessert.

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