Lemon Glazed Cool Whip Cookies

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This Lemon Glazed Cool Whip Cookies recipe is an absolute comfort food and the road to lemon heaven. Everything about this lemon dessert recipe is deliciously tangy with just the right amount of tartness. If you are a lover of fresh lemon flavour, then this Lemon cookies recipe is a perfect little treat for you. We guarantee that you'll relish every mouthful bite of this tangy treat. These cookies are chewy, moist and have a soft texture coupled with a comforting lemon glaze and cool whip frosting. You can't go wrong with just a few simple ingredients put together in this recipe. These easy cookies are one of the best simple baking recipes ever. Fun and easy baking recipes are a wonderful addition to brighten up family meals. They bring in so much flavour to the table during mealtime. You can make these bite-sized beauties for a lazy Sunday brunch with guests or your family. This lemon dessert recipe is a perfect addition to your morning coffee as well.

Lemon is such a versatile fruit to incorporate into different recipes with a significant amount of lemon nutrition in them. There are many nourishing lemon health benefits such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C and fibre. Lemon health benefits also come from its antibacterial properties and contain traces of iron and vitamin. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach aids the digestive system and flushes out toxins from the body. With so many health benefits that come from lemon nutrition, it is hard not to bake with them. Lemon nutrition is perhaps the best excuse to bake fun and easy baking recipes.

In this recipe, use a zester to achieve a finely textured lemon zest or the small side of a grater and then chop it up so you have small pieces of zest. For achieving authentic lemon flavour, always make lemon desserts recipes with the real fruit juice instead of lemon extract. Using lemon juice yields optimum flavour in all lemon desserts recipes without disappointing your efforts. If you’re not a big fan of Cool Whip frosting on these easy cookies, try spreading a layer of melted white chocolate and garnish it with coconut flakes on top for extra deliciousness. Some healthy substitutions you could make in this lemon recipe are to replace the regular cake-mix with a gluten-free cake-mix. Replace ‘Cool Whip’ with heavy whipping cream and cane sugar beaten together until peaks form. For extra firmness, add a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding to the whipping cream. Adding instant vanilla pudding prevents the watery texture in the recipe. Thank you to Jessica at the ‘Butter With A Side of Bread’ food blog for sharing this yummy Lemon Glazed Cool Whip Cookies recipe with us. Do check out her blog for more fun and easy baking recipes or other simple baking recipes. This fantastic lemon recipe is chewy, crumbly, full of lemon flavour, and fit-for-the-gods. Make this easy dessert with the lemony goodness today!

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