Lemon Icebox Cake-No Bake

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Try out this recipe for Lemon icebox Cake-No Bake when time is tight and you need to have something ready to take to a party, BBQ, other gathering or if guests are coming to dinner. It is quick, light, and tasty, and uses some commercial foods to make it a quick dish.

This recipe does require refrigeration for at least a few hours. That is because there is a cookie base and the layered ingredients will slightly soak the cookie base and make it a bit less crunchy, while still retaining a firm texture. Allowing the food to rest in the refrigerator also allows flavors to mellow and mingle. For foods made with citrus, as here, that is an especially important step. Leaving the foods overnight will allow the lemon to permeate the rest of the batter.

This is a great recipe to make with kids. They can help to distribute the cookie layer and also test taste the cookies (and anything else they can stick their fat little fingers in to, so watch out). So it can be a fun dessert to prepare, too. This is a great and convenient cake to make, especially in summer since the cake is served up cold and has a smooth and creamy texture that is just extra yummy on a hot summer’s day. New cooks and bakers can also try their hand at this recipe. It is made without the use of an oven or stove top and so is within easy reach of a newbie’s talents. And the results will be tremendously satisfying. This is a cake you can make and keep in your fridge for several days (if you can). Try it today.

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