Lemon Icebox Pie

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Lemon Icebox Pie is a light and refreshing dessert that combines easy to make commercial ingredients with a bit of homemade flourish. The real lemon that you add in will make this pie sing and have everyone asking for a second piece (please!). This dessert might be particularly nice in the summer because it is served cold, but it is also great in the winter after a heavy and hot meal to help clear the palette (for the espresso and liquor to come next!). And every one will love this dish, kids and big kids alike. It is also quick and easy to make, and its most time consuming part is having the patience to leave it long enough in the fridge so that the flavors come together so the pie’s taste is at its best when you serve it. Try to be patient!

This dish is easy enough even for a new baker to make. So let your aspiring cooks try this one out. The tasks can be shared among a few helpers, even with the littlest helpers, who can stir, or, if you make the graham wafer crust from scratch, help to crush (and test taste) the wafers that go in the crust. Lemon is a flavor most people enjoy, and so this pie is likely a safe one to bring to picnics, family gatherings, dinner with friends, and other social occasions where you may be asked to bring something (or not, and it is just a lovely gift for the host and hostess).

Icebox pies are a great alternative to ones that you cook because they come together so quickly and just sit in the fridge, flavoring up, until you are ready to serve it. So make one today and see what your family thinks (they will love it). Then make it for your next social event (they will love it, too). Enjoy.

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