Lemon Loaf

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Enjoy a fresh lemon loaf recipe and serve it for all occasions great and small. This lemon loaf recipe is so quick and easy to make and everyone enjoys the flavor and taste of fresh lemons in any recipe, and especially a dessert recipe. This lemon loaf recipe is even better because it includes yogurt, which offers even more tang as well as lots of moistness to this little loaf. This loaf recipe comes together quite easily, requiring no special skill to make it, and using ordinary ingredients that you may already have in the house. So make it soon, and make lots of it. This lemon loaf recipe will also freeze quite easily, so you can pull it out later, when friends, family and other unexpected visitors drop in and you would like to serve them something lovely with their tea.

This loaf recipe is a great basic recipe to have on hand. It is cheap and easy to make, and you can freeze it as is, or even add a light glaze to it. The ingredients are good standards for this lemon loaf recipe including fresh lemon juice (although you do not need to bother with fresh squeezed lemon juice, it does taste quite a bit better and you can use grated lemon rind to make a glaze so that you use all of the lemon up). As well, yogurt is added. Yogurt, and in this case it is also Greek yogurt, adds plenty of moistness and flavor. As well, this type of yogurt is higher in protein, so you could even argue that you are giving your family better nutrition with this recipe. Of course, the recipe is made entirely from scratch, which means better flavor and better nutrition, no matter what. There are eggs for protein, flour for good carbohydrates, and lemon and yogurt for extra bumps in nutrition. You can feel pretty good about serving this lemon loaf recipe to your family for dinner, or to whoever might be dropping by. And being able to freeze this so conveniently means that you can have it ready in just a few minutes on any day of the week. That is really terrific and convenient.

The kids could also make up this recipe, although it would likely have to be the older ones. There are quite a few ingredients so you might want to have your young baker learn and master the practice of mise en place, which means to pull out all of the ingredients that you need and line them up in the order that you are going to use them. Those two steps help to ensure that you have all the ingredients that you need.

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