Lemon Meringue Rice Krispie Treats

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These are super sweet Lemon Meringue Rice Krispie Treats that the kids will just love to munch and crunch. They combine the crunchiness of rice krispies—a snack kids love whether served in a cup, dry, or in a bowl of milk, or any other way they can eat them—with lemon flavoring and white chocolate. Yum. They are a quick and cheap snack to make, and all the kids in the neighborhood will be at your house when they hear what you are baking up this afternoon. This snack is ready in about ten minutes. It is possibly even easy enough for older and more mature bakers and cooks to try their hand at the recipe. It does require quite a bit of melting, some cooking, and stirring and blending, so there will be lots of oversight with this snack.

This snack combines the light and smooth flavor of the cereal, against the rich flavor of white chocolate. The lemon brings a light tanginess and tartness that allows the other flavors to pop. To help give richness and chewiness to the snack, lemon mini marshmallows are also a part of the recipe. Tiny hands will make willing helpers if you let them know that their helping reward might be counted in marshmallow minis, especially ones flavored in lemon!

Kids love sweet treats, and sometimes it is okay to reward them with these surprises. As long as they have eaten some lunch before beginning to gobble down these goodies, and as long as you limit quantities of these treats, there is no problem eating them from time to time. The trouble starts when this kind of snack becomes lunch! Book mark this treat, and set aside some time when you and the kids can make this snack together. Enjoy.

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