Lemon Muddy Buddies

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One of the best things about this recipe is that it does not include flour. So you can feed this to your friends with flour sensitivities and be happy about being able to do so. These Lemon Muddy Buddies are made using Rice Chex, and so flour is not one of the ingredients, although it is always good to be aware that just because some thing does not include flour, specifically, that does not mean the ingredients may not have been exposed to flour some where along the way. People who have issues with certain foods such as soy, nuts, or flour (among many others) will tell you that unless they know that an ingredient or food product has not been exposed to some thing, and even when it is not part of the ingredients list, they will not trust that it could not be contained in the product.

Although this sounds strange, it results because foods are manufactured by the ton in huge commercial warehouses where once one product is completed another may be begun. There is always the possibility that residues from the first product may find their way in to the second one. That is why you may read food labels that say something to the effect of “may contain . . .” because the manufacturers cannot be sure whether or not those particular products are in the food they are creating. That is also why you may read labels that say something such as “Made in a factory dedicated to gluten free . . .” and so on.

In any case, this simple recipe blends some lemon pudding, butter, and other ingredients (like white chocolate) to create a coating you pour over the Chex cereal. It is a nice snack that can become addictive pretty quickly, so be sure to put your allotted amount in to a separate bowl, or you may find you eat the entire recipe!

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