Lemon Muffins

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Lemon Muffins are fabulous, especially if you like lemons as much as I do. This little recipe is a perfect one for a new cook. It uses all standard ingredients and measurements and delivers a nice dozen muffins in return. Easy peasy. The addition of grated lemon will really make the flavor pop in these muffins, and make them good for breakfast, a snack, lunch food or late night treat. There is really no time that is wrong to eat a muffin. And one of the nice things about this particular recipe is that the muffin is somewhat light in flavor and so good for just about any time of the day. There is a light icing that goes on the muffins, which you can add or simply leave off. Some people enjoy muffins plain rather than with frosting or topping. Plain, these muffins might be great with butter and marmalade.

Muffins are an ever popular snack food that is often also a breakfast food. There are as many varieties of muffin as there are of cakes and cookies, and often, cake recipes become muffins and vice-versa. The nice thing about muffins is that they are a single serving size and easily packed in to a lunch or sack for a snack. These muffins are nice because they are just a bit sweet, which is sometimes nice when you have muffins as a snack rather than as a specific breakfast food. These muffins would also taste great served with some fresh yogurt and berries, where the lemon could bring out some nice flavors in the fruit.

Try this recipe with your aspiring baker. It can show him or her some of the standards that apply when making a muffin, especially the lower amounts of fat and sugar that go in to muffins when compared to, say, cakes (which are much sweeter, in general). Regardless, this is a nice little recipe to make, and which will also freeze well, either with the frosting or plain. Enjoy it soon.

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