Lemon Pie Bars

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This Lemon Pie Bars recipe is a sensational dessert that is going to please your taste buds in a refreshing way. The lemon bars are deliciously tangy with a rich lemon pie filling and a lemon glaze to go with it that are layered between a delicious buttery, soft and chewy crust. The tangy oh-so- lemony flavour is bold but not overwhelming and hits your palate the right way leaving a pleasant dense aftertaste. It is guaranteed that you'll relish every mouthful bite of these tangy bars. Lemon is such a versatile fruit to make fun desserts. Lemon desserts recipes are a wonderful addition to brighten up family meals as well. They bring in so much flavour to the table during mealtime. In fact, these bars are so delectable that you’ll want to miss your dinner so that you can dig into this yummy dessert. This lemon recipe is a perfect addition to your morning coffee or serve them on a dessert platter for the guests. You can even make these beauties for a lazy Sunday brunch with guests or your family. What would be even tastier on these lemon bars is to sprinkle on top of the lemon filling ever so slightly with some sea salt as they boh make a wonderful combination.

There are many nourishing lemon health benefits such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C and fibre. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It’s always fun to serve fun desserts like this one to guests because they’re fancy but easy desserts to make. That is the best part about opting for squares and bars recipes made with lemon because they stand out from the regular desserts that call for chocolate or vanilla. These lemon bars are not only easy but one of the most fun desserts to serve when you want to try something new and different. For achieving optimum lemon flavour, always make lemon desserts recipes with the real fruit juice instead of lemon extract. That’s the beauty of squares and bars recipes with real lemon juice as opposed to using just the lemon extract. It is never going to taste the same with an artificial lemon extract. Plus, you won’t regret the extra work of squeezing the lemon juice and extracting the zest.

In this recipe, some healthy substitutions you could make are to combine oat flour and unbleached all-purpose flour together. You can adjust and reduce the refined sugar content by combining raw demerara sugar with white sugar. Adding coconut flakes in the batter as well as sprinkling toasted coconut flakes on top makes these lemon bars really interesting. You can finish the final look by adding chopped raspberries on top. You could spread a layer of cream cheese along with white chocolate, or marshmallow fluff whipped together to give it a cheesecake type of a twist. Alternately, you can also substitute the crust in this recipe with Graham crackers, ‘Digestive’ or ‘Rich Tea biscuits’, ladyfingers, shortbread, or any cookie that has a little cinnamon in it. Try using lemon or vanilla flavoured wafers which are also another excellent option.

Thank you to Julie Evink at the Julie's Eats & Treats recipe blog for sharing this Lemon Pie Bars recipe with us. Julie’s love for lemons has made her create many delicious lemon desserts recipes that she shares on her blog. Do visit her blog for more squares and bars recipes that are fun desserts to make for all occasions. This fantastic lemon recipe is chewy, crumbly, full of lemon flavour, and fit-for-the-gods. Make this dessert with the lemony goodness for everyone today!

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