Lemon Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

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Lemon is a wonder ingredient when it comes to fun desserts. Try this delicious Lemon Pie With Graham Cracker Crust Recipe which is lightly tangy and rich with a creamy lemon filling and a buttery thick crust at the bottom. You’ll be happy to know that it's not a bold lemon flavor but rather creates a sublime creamy texture and flavor when sweetened condensed milk is added to it. Lemon desserts recipes have a sensational taste and yet are so budget friendly that don’t require an awfully huge list of ingredients to make. This recipe is exactly that – it’s easy on your budget, tastes refreshingly good and straightforward to make with easy instructions. Serve it anytime of the year to your guests or make it for a lazy Sunday brunch with your family or eat a slice with a cup of coffee if you like.

For the crust in this recipe, you can use replace the Graham crackers with other types of crusts like ‘Digestive’ or ‘Rich Tea biscuits,' lady fingers or shortbread. You could also use lemon or vanilla flavored wafers which also make for an excellent addition to the recipe. You can even use saltine cracker crust as the saltiness of the crackers adds a great flavor and well balances the overall sweetness. To the filling, you can also add half a cup of sour cream which changes the texture and flavor by adding a bit more thickness.

The medicinal value present in lemons is highly antibacterial. Many nourishing lemon health benefits comprise of essential minerals and vitamins like calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. Always make lemon desserts recipes with the real lemon juice or zest rather than the artificial lemon extract. Adding real lemon juice will not ruin your recipe and will help in achieving the optimum lemon flavor that you're aiming for. All the extra work of squeezing the lemon juice or grating the zest will pay off when you taste the goodness of real flavor in a recipe. To make this pie recipe a bit more interesting you could sprinkle toasted coconut flakes or place fresh fruits like chopped raspberries and strawberries on top. You could also spread a layer of cream cheese along with white chocolate whipped together to give it a cheesecake flavor. Even marshmallow fluff with lemon curds is an excellent combination to layer it on top of the crust.

This fantastic lemon recipe a sensational dessert with a touch of lemon that's going to please your taste buds in a refreshing way. We guarantee that you'll relish every mouthful bite of this wonderful pie. Thank you to Christy Denney at The Girl Who Ate Everything food blog for sharing this heavenly Lemon Pie With Graham Cracker Crust Recipe with us. Christy’s love for lemons has made her create many such delicious lemon desserts recipes that she shares on her website. Do visit her website for more pie recipes and other fancy but easy desserts to make for all occasions.

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