Lemon Pucker Bars

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If you can’t resist a good quality, zesty lemon square, then this lemon pucker bars recipe is for you. Some lemon bar recipes have a graham crust or shortbread crust on the bottom, but this one is softer, almost like a cake. What’s more, the cake dough is doubly important to this lustrous lemon bar recipe, because part of it is also crumbled over the top for a lovely streusel topping.

The author of ‘Deliciously Yum’ recipe blog, Kathi, quantifies eating this easy lemon bar recipe in a humorous way; despite all the butter and sugar, she states that all the vitamin C of lemon bars gives her a good excuse to make and chow down on her recipe. Indeed, the health benefits of lemons should be able to make you feel good about making any lemon desserts recipes. One-quarter of a cup of lemon juice is enough to get you 31% of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant and can help reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as osteoarthritis. Vitamin C also helps strengthen the immune system, so more of this lemon bar recipe may mean fewer colds and flu in the future.

Squares and bars recipes are so fantastic for holiday dessert trays or any function where finger food is a requirement because squares tend to be treats you can just pick up with your hands to eat. Typical squares recipes might include date squares, cranberry streusel squares, pecan bars, or Nanaimo bars, which are all satisfying and delicious. Many may not consider lemon bar recipes to be the thing to make around the holidays, but it’s during the winter months that citrus fruits are often at their best, even though lemons are available all year round. One type of lemon that isn’t available all year round, and just during the winter months, is the Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are a golden yellow, almost on the verge of being orange, and have an underlying sweetness that’s mingled with the tang. If you see Meyer lemons where you shop, they are a little more expensive, but they will be worth the treat to have such a sweet, lemon flavour.

This lemon bar recipe is beautiful with its bright yellow curd filling and crumble topping. If you want to switch up the fruit curd for another stellar citrus fruit, though, feel free. Simply replace the zest and juice of the lemons with your other chosen citrus fruit, whether it is orange, lime, or grapefruit. You may have to add a little food colouring to mimic the traditional colours of these fruits, however, as the way that lemon curds get their yellow colour is actually from the egg yolks rather than the zest and juice. Whatever you choose, this lemon bar recipe is either perfect the way it is or an excellent base recipe for other fruits. Thank you to Kathi, author of ‘Deliciously Yum’ recipe blog, for sharing her tangy lemon pucker bar recipe with us. **

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