Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake

Photo Credit: Cook with Manali

When you find a great recipe for a cake made from scratch that looks this beautiful, it needs to be shared! We are featuring a Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake recipe from the kitchen of 'Cook With Manali.'

Any baker knows that you want to have a good recipe for each of the favorite cake flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and YES a lemon cake. Lemon recipes are incredibly popular in the baking world. They offer a light citrus flavor that is often just the perfect ending to a great meal.

This cake uses all the basic baking ingredients that you find in a good homemade cake, and one of the ingredients is the lemon. Our featured Baker talks a little about the importance of using fresh lemon in this recipe. Manali gives many good baking tips and bits of advice in the recipe which we know you will love to read.

It is exciting to see recipes making use of raspberries as an alternative to strawberries. Raspberries offer such an old fashioned unique flavor. My family has had a raspberry patch in the back yard garden. If you have the space, they are fun to grow and even more fun to pick and eat. A special favorite for kids is to pop a fresh raspberry on each of their little fingers and eat all ten, popping one in their mouths at a time.!

We know you are going to appreciate this recipe and we will redirect you to the 'Cook With Manali' website just below so you can check your pantry to see if you have all the ingredients on hand to get baking.

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