Lemon Snack Cake

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A light and easy lemon snack cake is the perfect cake to make in multiples and freeze for times when you need something good, quickly (like when your mother-in-law is coming over and you want to impress her with your culinary expertise!). This cake is made from scratch and includes some ingredients, like oil instead of butter that will ensure a moist and delicious cake. You also use Almond milk, which will infuse a lovely smooth and buttery flavor throughout this dessert. It will help smooth out the sharpness of the lemon and give richness to the flavor that might not otherwise be there. It is a great variation to try out, so don’t substitute regular milk unless you absolutely have to.

Almonds are a wonderful ingredient in many recipes favored by the French in just about everything sweet. In part, almonds make a dessert even richer, because of the fats in nuts, but as well, the almond provides rich flavor without adding much sugar. Thus, French desserts may often carry nuts, especially ground nuts for some of the flour, but less sugar. The addition of nuts also means that the dessert will fill you up more quickly, and so you may eat less. Perhaps that is also the secret to the well-known slimness and longevity that the French appear to enjoy. Finally, though, and specifically with almonds, this little nut slows the absorption of carbohydrates like sugar, thus avoiding the sugar spike that so many sweet desserts bring. So when you bake, think about how you might add chopped or ground nuts to your recipes. You add plenty of nutrition and may slow that sugar rush down.

This recipe is a great basic cake that you should bookmark for whenever you want something that can come together quickly and taste great.

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