Lemon Souffle Pudding Cakes

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Here is a lovely Lemon Souffle Pudding Cakes recipe that can brighten up any day. Lemons are known to be a bright and sunshiny citrus fruit that is able to add a nice light flavour to any recipe or food that it is added to. The health benefits of water with lemon are even a great way to get some natural detoxifying action happening in your body. Drinking a glass of warm water and lemon stirred into is can really give you the health benefits of water with lemon. The health benefits of lemons are many, they are packed with a ton of vitamin C, as well as niacin thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin E. Lemons have been known to help to increase immune support in the body helping with viruses which is why it can be beneficial to drink some lemon in warm water if you are sick. Lemons are also great to use for home cleaning product recipes that you can make yourself at home. The fresh scent of lemons always alludes to a fresh and clean home. You can also boil the peels of a lemon in some water on your stove top to get that lovely scent of fresh lemons throughout your home.

Lemons have been used in so many recipes over time and continue to be one of the people's favourite fruits to use in both cooking and baking recipes. The exact origin of lemons is not known, but the lemon can be traced back to India, as is presumed to be a hybrid of the fruit of a bitter orange and citron tree. Lemons came into the European region at the time of Ancient Rome and we later brought to Egypt, Persia and Iraq in 700 AD. Lemons eventually became cultivated more and more in the middle of the 15th century and later in the 15th century Columbus introduced them to the island of Hispaniola now known as the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The plants at this time were mostly for ornamental purposes as well as for personal medicine. It wasn't until the 19th century that lemon trees were grown in Florida and California.

There are many lemon varieties that can be used in a number of different recipes. Some of the lemon varieties are Bonnie Brae, which mostly grows in San Diego, Eureka which grows year round and is the most common type of lemon that we find in our grocery stores and use in recipes. The Femminello St. Teresa or the Sorrento are native lemon varieties to Italy and they use them in a variety of recipes. Meyer lemons are a fancier type of lemon and are not really grown for commercial use. Lemon can be used in a number of ways, all parts of the lemon can be used, including the rind, which can be grated to create a zest. The juice is also used in many recipes including making lemonade, lemon custard, lemon pudding and lemon soufflé, like in this recipe from Deliciously Yum.

Thank you to Kathi from Deliciously Yum for this awesome Lemon Souffle Pudding Cakes recipe that we can all enjoy making and enjoy eating. Kathi features a ton of wonderful recipes on her blog Deliciously Yum. She has dessert bars recipes, appetizer recipes, beverage recipes, breakfast recipes, bread recipes, cake recipes, cookies recipes, doughnut recipes, dip recipes, main dish recipes, pie recipes, smoothie recipes, salad recipes, and much more. Check out the archive of all the amazing recipes she offers on her website and try a some of them out, like this Lemon Souffle Pudding Cakes recipe. **

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