Lemon Tea Cake

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Lemon Tea Cake made according to this classic recipe will be absolutely devoured by your family members. This is an entirely traditional recipe that will create a lovely and tender crumb with the subtle flavor of lemon and the tart and almost crunchy crust soaked in a lemon and sugar glaze. This is the most delicious of tea cakes, and really is perfect with a good and strong, but black, cup of tea. Try it soon.

This recipe is not difficult to make. Take the time to fully blend the butter and sugar and beat as much air in to the mixture as possible. It should be very pale and fluffy—beat for about five to eight minutes—when it is ready for the eggs to be added. This is a good cake for new cooks to practice their blending technique. A good blend means that the cake will rise well, and be tender to the bite. This is a wonderful cake to serve to friends when they drop by in the afternoon, a perfect lemon tea cake, as the recipe title suggests.

Nothing beats a home made cake loaf. It is a simple, clean loaf that relies on good ingredients and great blending to get its texture and flavor right. Try this on a day when you are not in a rush and can take the time to make it right. It is not difficult to do, of course, it just takes time, and you do not want to rush the outcome. Make this loaf soon. It may become a regular part of your weekly baking. Be sure to set one of the loaves aside and perhaps freeze it, or both loaves will be gobbled by dinner! Enjoy this loaf soon.

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