Lemon Wacky Cake

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Thank you so much to Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird for this awesome Lemon Wacky Cake recipe. You may have heard of the very popular wacky cake recipe, otherwise known as depression cake because of its ties to being made during the age of the depression. When people didn't have a lot of money coming in during those years they would have to get very creative in how they made all of their old favourite recipes. Cake, for example, couldn't be made with butter, eggs or milk because those food items were way too expensive to purchase in those days with the amount that people had for a household income. So they had to come up with a egg free cake recipe, with not butter and no milk. Coming up with a cake recipe with no egg no butter and no milk meant looking to other more affordable solutions and ingredients. A cake recipe without eggs was pretty tough to find in those days, as people knew that a cake recipe without egg would tend to be a bit on the dry side as eggs give cakes a lot of moisture. So people became resourceful and used the cheaper ingredients they had on hand and that they could easily obtain to create cake recipes without eggs.

The people of the 1930s were totally successful in creating a perfect no egg cake recipe that is still moist, and unbelievably yummy. They found that they could use oil in place of the eggs in the recipe as oil has a similar consistency to the yolk of the egg. There is also some vinegar in the cake too which is another helping ingredient to make the cake taste delicious and stay nice and fluffy. It is a great dairy free cake that continues to only cost a few dollars to make even in this day and age, and it doesn't require a lot of baking expertise either. But what you are left with is a perfectly scrumptious cake that everyone will be raving about when you share it with them. Usually a wacky cake is made as a chocolate cake recipe with cocoa powder added into the the cake batter recipe. But this cake recipe can be transformed and altered to suit your taste buds by leaving out the chocolate and adding in different flavours. This is a great lemon cake recipe version of the all time favourite dairy and egg free cake.

Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird shares that it took her a couple of tries to get the perfect lemony flavour for the wacky cake. She decided to use some fresh lemon zest and lemon extract in the recipe and that was what made all the difference in making the cake have that wonderful lemony flavour. So if you need a dairy free lemon cake recipe, this is definitely the one to try out. When looking for lemon cake recipes, you might usually come across the buttermilk lemon cake recipes. These are wonderful, but if you have kids with allergies to dairy or eggs, the dairy free, egg free cake lemon cake would be a great option to try out. This is such an easy lemon cake recipe and you will be so happy with the results. Mary suggests topping the delicious cake with a vanilla frosting, but it would also be great with some whipped cream and raspberries on top too, or a lemon flavoured frosting that you enjoy. Any way you dress it up, this lemon wacky cake is sure to impress, and can even be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians. **

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