Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake Squares

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This Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Squares Recipe is the best cheesecake dessert. The raspberry swirl on top of the cream cheese cheesecake filling looks as good as it tastes. There is something about cream cheese cheesecake recipes that we can't resist, the creamy goodness combined with the graham cracker crust is the perfect dessert recipe anytime of the year. The addition of raspberries on top of the cream cheese cheesecake filling is just the right amount of sweet to satisfy your craving. A couple of tips you will want to remember to make the best cheesecake recipe is to let your cream cheese come to room temperature before starting your cream cheese cheesecake recipe. The cream cheese will be much easier to mix when it’s softened first and allows for a smoother, creamier cream cheese cheesecake filling. You will also want to make the graham cracker crust recipe a head of time so that it is cool before adding the cream cheese cheesecake filling.

The ingredients are very uncomplicated and in this recipe you use fresh raspberries to make the swirl. Knowing we are into gardening season again, there will be fresh raspberries to look forward to soon and whether you grow your own or purchase them at your local Farmers market, the swirl only requires 1/3 of a cup, so that is not very many berries! The fact that this is a lemon cheesecake will make it popular as lemon recipes seem to be in high demand on the internet. Lemon desserts offer a light citrus flavor and lemons are always readily available. Lemons are also very good from a nutritional standpoint. Lemons are low in calories, have no cholesterol but are a good source of dietary fiber. This is one of the fruits that rates very low on the glycemic index. It is a good one to incorporate into salad dressings or use in any way you see fit. There is so much good to say about lemons!

Cream cheese is the savory spread that first gained popularity in the 1820s, with dairy farms in and around the Philadelphia area having gained a reputation for producing the best examples of this unique cheese recipe. Cream cheese was initially made on family farms throughout the country, so the quantities of cream cheese that were made and distributed were typically quite small. Cream cheese is most often used as a spread on bagels, bread, and crackers. Cream cheese can be used for all sorts of recipes from sweet recipes to savory recipes. Cream cheese is also a popular addition to cheesecake recipes and to thicken sauce recipes to make them more creamy. Cream cheese is often used in place of or along with butter (typically using two parts of cream cheese to one part of butter when making cake recipes or cookie recipes, and cream cheese frosting recipes. Raspberries are a popular fruit that is grown for fresh fruit markest and also for commercial processing into individually quick frozen fruit. Recipes that raspberries are used for include purées, juices, or for dried fruit that can be in a wide variety of grocery products. Frozen raspberries are a popular addition to fruit smoothie recipes.

Thank you to Danielle from the "Live Well Bake Often" recipe site for sharing this lemon raspberry cheesecake squares recipe. Danielle has a passion for cooking healthier recipes and baking the occasional treat recipe. She believes in having a mix of both healthy and indulgent recipes. Some of the recipes you will find on her site include appetizer recipes, breakfast recipes, bread recipes, smoothie recipes, snack recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes, dessert recipes and more. Some of the recipes you will find on her site include strawberry cream cheese turnovers recipe, peanut butter cup cookie cake recipe, blueberry oatmeal cups recipe, lemon poppy seed bundt cake recipe and more.**

Nutrition Facts of Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Squares from Live Well Bake Often
Ingredients: Graham crackers, butter, granulated sugar, cream cheese, eggs, lemons, raspberries.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 16 servings* Per serving Calories 198, Calories from Fat 127, Total Fat 14.1g 22%,Saturated Fat 8.3g 42%, Cholesterol 62mg 21%, Sodium 173mg 7%, Potassium 56mg 2%, Carbohydrates 15.2g 5%, Dietary Fiber 0.6g 2%, Sugars 10.1g, Protein 3.5g, Vitamin A 10%, Vitamin C 7%, Calcium 3%, Iron 4%

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