Light and Fluffy Coconut Bread and Butter Pudding

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The ingredients of butter, milk and coconut cream mean that this Light and Fluffy Coconut Bread and Butter Pudding will be loaded with plenty of great flavor. Bread puddings are a delicious treat, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Here, raisins, coconut, and wonderful creams add great flavor and texture to this dessert.

Bread pudding is trickier to make than you might think. It is important to be sure that the liquid has been well blended (that is, the milks and the eggs; sometimes, as well, the spices are added here) and that the bread has enough time to soak up the liquid before you cook it. As well, the bread is an important part of the flavor, so choose a good loaf when you make this dessert. Little hands can help by tearing the bread in to pieces for you. In this recipe, the bread is cut, but you can also simply tear it in to appropriate pieces. That way, little ones get to eat the extras, too, always a bonus in their big eyes (and bigger tummies!).

This recipe also calls for Sultana raisins, which are made from seedless white grapes. They can often be a richer and more juicy raisin than the Thompson variety. Still, you can use the Thompson raisin as long as you soak them in boiling water for about 10 minutes before you add them to the mixture. If you can find the Sultanas, they will be great, of course. Try this recipe soon. It is a simple version of the classic bread pudding and a great place to start, if you have not made this recipe before. Enjoy it soon.

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