Light n Fluffy Cheddar Cheese Rolls

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Cheddar Potato Rolls are the featured recipe here from the 'Handle the Heat' website. I must say this is not only an impressive recipe because of its simplicity and great taste, but the information you will be able to read from the site offering baking tips and insightful information are wonderful.

The preparation time is only 20 minutes. There is rising time involved so plan a good 4 hours from start to finish. It will be well worth the effort. We won't give away too much information, and you will unveil the recipe and how to's below, but we will say that you use a real potato in this recipe. When I read the title I expected it was going to be a recipe with potato flour and it was a great surprise to know that a baked potato is part of this delicious bun.

Do you bake your own bread for your family? My mother baked fresh bread every three days, and I grew up on the smell of bread baking. We were lucky to often come home from school to a fresh loaf just out of the oven. Mother would cut us a nice fat slice, and we'd butter it and be the happiest children in the world! You talk about comfort food and making memories for your family as well as setting an example. My mother and the love she displayed with making all these homemade foods set a precedent in our lives and our children too were the recipients of home baked foods. Interestingly, even in this very busy time with working women and men, our children, (I have two sisters and a brother with grown children as well), all of our children bake and cook from scratch as well. Perhaps there is something to be said about duplicating what you grow up with. Although we do not do it every third day as my mother did, at least everyone knows how to.

In any case, if you do or don't there is no judgement passed, we all live our lives as we do. If you love to bake bread and buns though, this recipe is worth a try!

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