Linen Closet Organization ideas to take care of that Cluttered Mess

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The closets in our homes are wonderful for helping us organize our items, but sometimes they can become very disorganized if we're not careful. The best way to keep your closets organized is to implement some diy ideas like these ones from Hometalkers Rob and Courtney. Courtney shows us how she took her linen closet and transformed it into an organized dream compared to the state it was in before. The best part is, she only spent around $60 to do the entire project. It only took her about three hours to do too, so this would be a great weekend project or for whenever you have some time off. Many times our closets get very disorganized because we tend to accumulate more stuff without getting rid of the old stuff. So one of her great house cleaning tips is to get rid of old towels and linens when you buy new ones. Next, she shares some of her awesome diy ideas with us to create storage containers instead of having to buy new ones.

Her first diy idea is to take an empty diaper box and cover it with fabric to make a stylish box to store items in. So you'll need a diaper box, fabric, a hot glue gun and glue sticks and scissors or a utility knife. HACK 1: Fabric covered diaper box. All you do is cut the flaps off of the box and then put the box on your fabric to see how much you'll need to cover it. Then cut out the fabric, glue it to the box and you're done. Finally, take your towels and fold them up and then roll them up and place them in the box. It's even pretty enough to leave out in your bathroom if you like. The other thing that can take up a lot of space in your linen closet is your sheet sets. There's a great house cleaning tip that Courtney shares with us on how to fold your sheet sets up perfectly so that they don't take up a lot of space in your closet. You basically fold up your fitted sheet and top sheet up really flat and then leave one pillowcase unfolded and insert the sheets into it for a nice, compact set.

One of the other diy ideas she shares is to use hanging wire baskets to store towels and sheets. She attached her baskets to the back of her closet door, but you could even attach them to the wall inside your closet if you wanted to. Just attach the baskets with screws and make sure they are sturdy enough to place your sheets or towels in. You can get wire baskets at any home improvement store, or you can even use wicker baskets if you like too. These you can find at thrift stores or even dollar stores sometimes. Courtney also used a plastic container with drawers in it to store other items. These storage containers are very affordable and you can get them, again, at any home improvement store. You could get even more organized by getting some drawer organizers to insert into the drawers if you're organizing smaller items. You can also make your own drawer organizers out of smaller boxes, or cutlery organizers work really well too, and they are very affordable. Pretty soon your closet will be so organized you won't even recognize it. Enjoy this diy idea and others from Hometalk, the worlds largest diy community. You can even create your own account and start posting your own diy ideas and tips on the website too.***

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