Lion House Rolls

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If you have a hankering for a fresh roll straight from the oven, try making this lion house rolls recipe today. This dinner rolls recipe is inspired by the legendary buns from the Lion House restaurant in Utah, which aren’t in the shape of a round ball like traditional dinner rolls, but rather the dough is cut into rectangles and rolled vertically for a unique shaped roll recipe. Christy, the author of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’ recipe blog, does inform you that you could roll the dough like crescent rolls if you want to, though.

This bun recipe makes at least two dozen rolls, so if you are wondering what to cook for a dinner party, they would be a perfect choice. Just be sure you have plenty of butter and you will be good to go, but this lion house dinner roll recipe isn’t just suitable for a recipes for dinner guests alone; they would also be wonderful if you require tasty snacks for throughout the week. As with any variety of buns, this bread recipe is the perfect foil for sandwich meat, cheese, tuna, or egg salad, or as a side to your soup or stew recipes at dinner throughout the week. This dinner roll recipe would also be perfect as nutritious snacks for kids with some butter, peanut butter, or jam. For an even more nutritious snack choice, consider replacing some or all of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour, although whole wheat rolls may have a denser, less fluffy texture than the pure white rolls would.

If you are new to baking bread at home, all bread recipes go through a similar process of proofing yeast, mixing the dough, and allowing the dough to rise. Next, you shape the dinner rolls, allow to rise again, and then bake. No matter what bread or bun recipe you prepare, you can expect similar steps to these to produce the optimal loaf or bun. When mixing the dough, Christy provides tremendous visual aids so that you know when enough flour has been added to the mixture. Often bread recipes will state a specific amount of flour to use in a recipe, but sometimes a bread or bun recipe will provide a range since the dryness or wetness of dough can be dependent on factors like environment. If you are baking bread on a humid day, you may find that your roll recipe requires more flour, while on a drier day, they may need less. Christy writes apt instructions so that you will know when you have added enough flour to your Lion House dinner roll recipe no matter the circumstances when you make them.

This buttery rolls recipe is a versatile treat whether you serve them with your Thanksgiving or holiday dinner, or have with casual family meals throughout the week. The most stellar part about these rolls is that they get brushed with melted butter at the end both for flavor and a shining appearance. Thank you to Christy, at ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’ blog, for sharing her Lion House rolls recipe.**

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