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When it comes to small house living, there are plenty of designs to choose from. And with the rising price of homes, it's not surprising just how popular small house living has become, especially with young people or with older people moving into retirement. Tiny house buildings are a good way to be mortgage free and get the house of your dreams, whether it be for use as a vacation home or for full time living. A tiny house building can lead to a simpler lifestyle and have more money, which is something that most people are striving for, whether they are young or old. And tiny house buildings are a great way to build a home off the grid, for those who are looking to live a greener lifestyle or adding on to a cottage. One of the tiny house buildings that have been gaining in popularity in recent years is the prefab home design. There are plenty of benefits to prefab homes, from the homes being built indoors which help to avoid lengthy weather delays, less waste, shorter construction time, better for the environment and more. You will want to take a look at the Cottage Life site for the full list of prefab designs. The following are just some of the prefab tiny house buildings you can choose.

NOMAD Micro Homes. NOMAD micro homes are prefab kits that come in flat-packaging and ready to be assembled. These prefab tiny house buildings only require a drill and some basic carpentry skills to put together. The prefab homes are also easy to reassemble, so you can take the tiny house buildings wherever you go. This prefab company is located in British Columbia, and it's founder and designer, Ian Kent, has pushed the limits of tiny house buildings, with more than 35 years of design and home-building experience. The prefab designs are built for less than $30,000, with each prefab tiny house building being equipped with a living room, stairs that double as a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a window that lets in plenty of natural light. The prefab tiny house buildings have storage that doubles as seating.

Camera Buildings. These prefab tiny house buildings are built around light. The company is located in Vancouver, and these high-quality prefab tiny house buildings are modern, sustainable, and affordable. The prefab tiny house buildings are priced around $30,000. These prefab tiny house buildings focus on energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality and using reclaimed or recycled building materials. The prefab tiny house building is towable, and they don’t require any special permits, licenses, or vehicles in many jurisdictions.

Karoleena. Karoleena was founded in Calgary in 2006 by brothers Kurt and Kris Goodjohn. The company is now operated out of Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. The brothers compare their prefab tiny house building methods to big Lego blocks that are pieced together on the building site. Karoleena homes are designed and delivered from the factory floor to whatever location you dream, all within six months.

Sustain. Sustain Design Studio, is a branch of the award-winning Altius Architecture Inc., which is a Toronto-based design firm that was founded in 2002. One of their first prefab designs, called the miniHome SOLO was promoted by popular environmentalist David Suzuki and has been featured in magazines such as Dwell, O and Azure. The company has also been featured in many blogs. You will find this prefab tiny house building at the Cottage Life site. On the site, you will find tiny house building, prefab, small house living, entertaining, DIY ideas, design, outdoor living and so much more. **

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