Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

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Whenever I read a recipe title that contains the word loaded in it I know that what follows is going to be a taste temptation my family will love whenever I make it. And you will find this recipe to be no exception when you prepare loaded baked potato casserole for your dinner tonight.

I love casseroles. They are always quick, easy and forgiving to make. They are almost always comfort food and loaded with good nutrition and things my family wants to eat. They bake up well, keep well (well, if you can keep them) and work for lunch, snacks, dinner, . . . well, you name it. This recipe even works for breakfast. Try it and you can see for yourself.

Basically, casseroles work. And theyre a great beginning dish for cooks new to the whole what do I make for dinner ritual. Casseroles always work out (even when they dont) and look elegant brought to the table as a single magnificent dish. Serve them with a salad and your job, as they say, is done.

This recipe is also quick and easy to make. It uses canned soup and pre-cooked hash browns. You add the cheese and bacon and a few other ingredients to cook up a homemade delight that you can serve as a main breakfast meal, as a side at dinner or keep handy for those late night hunger pangs. This dish can be made extra special, or naughty as creator Nicole calls it, by adding crushed potato chips to the mix. Yum. Thats a load of salt and calories so make the potato chips an extra special treat for some Friday movie night with the kids and their friends. That way you can let them munch away and you wont be tempted to gobble up this filling and friendly potato recipe.

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