Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe

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Whenever you are looking for a filling one-pot meal, potatoes are an excellent food choice, because they are rich in potassium and everyone enjoys them. This loaded baked potato soup recipe takes the humble potato up a notch by blending the potatoes with softened cream cheese until smooth and topping with a series of tasty garnishes like cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon. April, the author of the Mama Loves Food recipe blog, came up with this potato soup recipe for the slow cooker for an easy meal that can be made any day of the week. Although soups can be time-consuming, this one isn’t because everything just gets combined in the crockpot and cooked until the potatoes are tender. Even if you aren’t experienced at cooking, you will be able to master this comfort meal with flying colours, and may become tempted to try making new crock pot recipes.

Crock pot meals are great for many reasons. They help reduce cleaning time, because crock pot recipes don’t usually require a lot of advance preparation so you won’t have a ton of dishes to wash. Often, crockpot dishes require very few ingredients, because the long cooking time amplifies the flavours of a few simple ingredients to the point that little else is needed. They also allow you to have a readymade meal at the end of a long work or school day, because crock pots cook the food slowly over several hours, and are safe enough to keep on while out of the residence. In the case of April’s soup recipe, you can cook the soup for six hours if turned to high or extend the time to ten hours if you decide to set the cooker to low heat. Even then this soup should be able to hold up for longer in the slow cooker since the potatoes will be pureed anyway and the texture will be smooth and creamy as long as the potatoes are cooked through. Either way, the soup will be ready when you need it at the end of a long day.

One ingredient this delicious potato recipe has in abundance is fresh minced garlic. April incorporates ten cloves of garlic into her soup, which adds a sweet taste to the finished dish. Although garlic tends to be spicy and pungent when raw, the taste mellows out during the lengthy cooking time and adds tremendous depth to this soup recipe. The best way to prepare the garlic is to grate it into a paste on a rasp or the fine side of a box grater, but when you have several cloves, this process can take a lot of time. Instead, you can pulse the cloves in a mini chop or small blender or food processor until a fine consistency is reached.

This soup recipe isn’t designed to serve those of vegetarian or vegan diets but can be adjusted to suit them if needed. If desired, the bacon can be omitted in favour of finely chopped smoked tofu, which has a surprisingly meaty texture and taste. The chicken stock that April uses in this potato recipe can be replaced with a good-quality vegetable stock, and the cream cheese can be replaced with a vegan cream cheese if needed. Of course, this loaded potato soup recipe will be at its best as April wrote it with the cheeses, bacon and chicken stock, but it is nice to know it can be prepared for other dietary needs as well. Thank you to April, the author of the Mama Loves Food recipe blog, for sharing her loaded baked potato soup recipe with us.

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