Loaded Mexican Pizza: Pile On The Toppings And Enjoy!

Photo Credit: The Weary Chef

Pizza has got to be one of our most favourite foods, and tacos are a pretty close second! So, what about the best of both worlds - Mexican pizza? Have you ever tried that before? We hadnt, until we found this awesome recipe for Loaded Mexican Pizza over at the Weary Chefs blog.

Very basically, all you gotta do is get out the corn tortilla shells, stuff them with refried beans and,if you like, seasoned meat, then top it all off with your best-loved toppings olives, avocado, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and whatever else you like oh, and dont forget the cheese!

The Weary Chef blog was created by Andi, a creative spirit who is inspired by food and obsessed with turning out easy-to-make recipes on a regular basis. As a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, shes not only run off her feet all day long, but she has to find quick and healthy recipes for her kids and she knows you probably do, too. Andi not only makes her boys a special meal every night before she puts them to bed, but she then makes a separate meal for when her husband gets home. This is how the two of them are able to enjoy a quiet date night together every night after theyve both worked a long and exhausting day. What a wonderful idea! Just like this Mexican pizza.

And heres another one! These delicious pizzas would be great for both the kids and a date night alike! Why not try it? Gather your ingredients together and follow the recipe with your kids let them sprinkle the toppings on top and make sure you make enough for two separate meals! After theyve eaten and gone to bed, then put on the soft music and light the candles Voila!

For the full recipe for Loaded Mexican Pizza and lots more great yummy pictures, please visit The Weary Chef website below!

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