Loaded Potato and Chicken Casserole

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This recipe for Loaded Potato and Chicken Casserole is all about the love and comfort that a dish including potatoes, chicken, and cheese always delivers. The bacon that is included is also a great food to include because it works perfectly with all of the main ingredients—potatoes, cheese, and chicken. You cannot go wrong with this recipe (well, unless you are trying to serve vegetarians!).

This dish is made quickly, and it is cheap, too. Be sure to cut the potatoes to equal size so they cook evenly. Consider not peeling the potatoes in order to add more nutrition and fiber in to this dish. It already has lots of nutrition, from the potatoes, cheese, and the chicken, but it never hurts to make something even more nutritious, right? And leaving the skin on provides fiber, an important component to our diet that many of us lack in sufficiently high quantities. So keep the potato skins on.

This is an easy dish to make. Really, just cook the bacon and then pile everything together. Add the seasonings as directed, and let the whole thing bake. You could easily substitute real garlic—add it to the olive oil and let the whole thing sit a few minutes before adding it in to the dish. In my family, this would be a total comfort food dish, served loose on a Friday or Saturday night, and every one would simply help themselves. My mom might even make two trays, so that late night television watchers still had some left for seconds (or like my brothers, thirds, fourths or more!). At any rate, the cheese, chicken, bacon and potatoes are a terrific combination. Enjoy it soon.

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