Loaded Potato Skillet

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This recipe for Loaded Potato Skillet begins with fresh potatoes that are cut as thin as possible and made in to chips. Then these lovely chips are loaded with all kinds of yummy possibilities and served to every one who might eat them, and that will be everybody. Plus their friends. So make lots. The recipe calls for just two potatoes, but it is easily scalable. Depending on hunger levels, one half to one potato might be enough for every one, especially if you are serving it with a main meal, as a side dish.

This dish can be served with all kinds of things including almost any meat dish, chicken or fish. This would be a great recipe to serve along side hamburgers in the summer fresh from the grill, or in deep winter with a great rich and thick soup. The potato is such a versatile veggie that it goes with every thing. The potato is also chock full of great vitamins and minerals, as well as being a good source of fiber. When you make this loaded potato skillet, keep the skins on. The potatoes will taste every bit as good. And the skin helps to hold the potato together when it cooks, and you have the benefit of added fiber from the skin, an important part of our food plan that is often sadly lacking. Potatoes also bring you vitamin C, among other vitamins and more potassium than can be found in bananas.

Enjoy this dish. It is served with plenty of good things, starting with potatoes, a real staple vegetable. Potatoes, made this way, or any other way, really, taste delicious, are filling, and nutritious. Do not shy from eating this vegetable every day. And this is also a great recipe to get your up and coming cook to try and make. You really need to work with a mandoline, which makes cutting the potatoes as thin as they need to be easy work. A knife will also work, but then the big kids should be in charge. Enjoy this dish soon.

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