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Building a log cabin doesn't have to be hard. Hiring the right builders will make all the difference in your log cabin building experience. Log Cabins For Less is now selling log tiny house designs too, so if you're interested in small log cabins, these designs the company is introducing will be perfect for you. They will customize your design to whatever size you need it, and they have 4 by 6, 4 by 8 or 4 by 12 pine log sizes to choose from. The logs are all Eastern White Pine, and they are kiln dried which will reduce shrinkage in your log cabin. Shrinkage happens when moist logs dry out over time after building a log cabin. You can build your log cabin with logs that aren't completely dried, but this will require some allowances around window and door frames so that they don't stick or break. If you would really like to have a hand in building your own log cabin Log Cabins For Less has made that possible with their log cabin kits. This way people can put their own personal touch on their cabin and feel proud of their small log cabins.

In their new packages for tiny houses, they include an 8-foot wide steel trailer custom designed and built for your log tiny house. Each trailer will have lights and breaks on it which is very important for safety. The subfloor will also already be installed. Then you have your choice of the size of log you'd like, and it comes in a prefabricated log on log system that's installed using screws and foam tape. There's also a 4 foot by 6-foot loft and tongue and groove decking. You can also choose between vinyl or wood windows, and the kit comes with a fibreglass door. To seal the wood, they also give you a Perma-Chink Ultra and sealer in your colour choice, 29 gauge metal roofing in the colour of your choice as well. The other thing that this log cabin on wheels will have is an NOAA certification which is recognized in 45 states and RV parks all across the nation. You can see in the photos on the Log Cabins For Less website how one of their customers finished the interior of their tiny log cabin on wheels themselves. This is how you can add your own personal touches and personal style.

You can see they painted the kitchen cabinets a bright red and went with a black countertop for a dramatic effect. The beams on the interior are an impressive feature inside the tiny house as well, and the logs on the exterior really make this look like a real log cabin in the woods. The great thing about this small log cabin is that it's on wheels so you can take it wherever you want to take it. You don't need to choose just one place to have a cabin, and instead, you can enjoy going to different places while staying in your cozy log cabin. Since many RV parks will take one of these small log cabins on wheels just as they would take an RV, you could even park your tiny log house in a year-round RV park if you wanted to live in it full-time and that was okay with the city you lived in and the park you're parking in. While there is still a lot of grey area when it comes to the legal stipulations surrounding tiny houses on wheels, more and more cities and towns are starting to allow them with some rules in place.***

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