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The human body is a fascinating system and how the body responds to the world around us is even more intriguing. There are parts of the body that are more sensitive than others which allows us to experience the world in different ways through contact. Some even have amazing health benefits. The feet are one of these areas of the body that has thousands of nerve endings making them very sensitive to any contact. That's why most people are so ticklish on their feet because of the overwhelming amount of nerve impulses happening all at once. Research has also been showing that our feet are so sensitive that going barefoot outside on the earth can have a number of health benefits including boosting brain function. There are now runners who are taking their shoes off while running to get the health benefits of going barefoot. During some studies after running barefoot, people saw improvements in their memory while running in their regular running shoes didn't produce the same effects. The researchers got 72 runners to run barefoot and with shoes for 16 minutes. The only thing that can be tricky and somewhat risky about running without shoes on is the risk of stepping on things that could hurt you. So you would have to be extra aware of where you were stepping. After running barefoot, it was found that the participants had a 16% increase in their working memory because running barefoot requires more mental awareness and use of the working memory activating it and engaging it.

If you're not into running barefoot, or you don't run at all, there are other ways you can obtain the health benefits of being barefoot. One of the other alternative therapies that has health benefits that has become popular these days is something called Earthing. Earthing is when you stand on the ground with your bare feet for at least 15 minutes. This practice is apparently wonderful for it's health benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and even depression. The healing power of earthing or grounding is in the connection the person feels to the earth through their feet, and those thousands of nerve endings are able to be stimulated by a natural source of energy. In this day and age when we are surrounded by electronics and synthetic materials, it's important to receive the health benefits of connecting with the earth in this way to restore ourselves. There are even earthing mats that have been made that you can use indoors to bring the same healing power of earthing outside to your inside environment.

People will sit at their desk with an earthing mat under their feet, and they say that it helps to reduce the amount of stress we can accumulate from being on a computer all day. There is an interaction of the electrical frequencies within the human body the electrical frequencies of the earth when you are earthing. In the late 1990s, Clint Ober first introduced the idea of grounding. Clint had retired from a career of cable installation, and he had learned that a grounded TV cable would produce the clearest picture on the television. The ungrounded cable would allow energy to leak out and in resulting in a distorted picture. In the same way, our shoes with rubber and plastic soles prevent people from being grounded. Clint started to do his research with other supporters and they ended up finding out that earthing or being grounded to the earth has many health benefits that they never knew about including better sleep, decreased inflammation and pain, better digestion and less stress. So even if you're skeptical, it couldn't hurt to try and see if you gain any of these health benefits from being barefoot even just standing on the ground.***

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