Love this Kitchen Butcher Block Island? - Here is how to build it!

Photo Credit: This Old House

Have you always wanted a butcher block island in your kitchen? These islands are not only handy; they look really great in the centre of your kitchen too. They also make an area of your kitchen that wouldn't be too functional much more usable than before. You can buy a prebuilt butcher block island for your kitchen from many different home design and decorating stores; you could also have one custom built for you by a furniture builder. There are islands from Ikea that are pretty affordable and require some assembly, but any custom made projects are definitely going to cost you more. Especially if they are using expensive materials. If you are into do it yourself home projects you can also build your own butcher-block counter fairly easily too thanks to this diy idea from This Old House. This is a project you could do with some help and finish it in a weekend or two and be ready to use your brand new kitchen island. Kitchen islands have been used for centuries as a way to create more food prep space and a place to gather around while preparing food. You might even get lucky enough to buy a house with a butcher block island already installed.

The reason these butcher block counters are so durable is because the grain edge is exposed which makes the surface stronger than flat wood. The butcher block tops will also resist warping and nicks better than laminate too. They also clean up really nicely, and they can warm up your kitchen as well. The wood provides some warmth in contrast to the metal appliances in your kitchen as well. So if you're ready to have a kitchen island and you enjoy diy ideas, this diy butcher block island project will be perfect for you. The entire diy project should only take you around 5 hours from start to finish. It will also only cost you around $550 to create as well. If you could find some recycled or used materials, you could possibly build this diy island even more affordably. The diy project is rated easy to moderate so you would benefit from having some building skills, but if you don't, you should still be able to built this simple island yourself or with a friend. Cutting the frame will be easy, it's putting together to table so that it's all level and square that will take you some time and patience.

Gather all of the materials and tools that you'll need to make this diy island. If you do a lot of do it yourself home projects, you may even have some materials and tools around your home or garage already. You will make the legs of the island first with two by 4s that are glued and screwed together. They suggest using poplar wood for this diy project because it's more stable than pine. This diy tutorial also shows you how to build a bottom shelf on your island too for more storage. If you have a smaller kitchen, you know how important storage is. To create some organized storage in your diy island, you can use some nice wooden crates or baskets on the lower shelf to store kitchen items in to keep everything tidy. They also tell us step by step how to build the frame for the island as well and then how to attach the butcher block countertop. You can buy butcher block countertops at Ikea, but they only usually come in one width which is the width of a countertop. So if you want a larger butcher block island, you will have to special order a piece. Check out the full instructions on this diy idea and see if you want to create your own.***

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