Lovely Lemon Rolls Recipe

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If you enjoy fruity danishes, this lovely lemon rolls recipe will be a new addition to your recipe collection. The buttery yeast-based dough and tangy lemon curd are the perfect pairing for an after-dinner dessert or even for a morning pastry, but the simple lemon glaze drizzle makes this lemon rolls recipe beyond perfection.

Lemon squares and bars recipes might be your favourites, but you will likely love this lemon pastry recipe just as much, because of the creamy lemon curd that is dolloped in the centre. Leigh Anne, the developer of this sweet bun recipe, recommends putting a large thumbprint into the centres of each roll to accommodate more lemon curd filling, which is what truly makes lemon desserts recipes, like this one, special. You can use a good-quality store-bought lemon curd for this lemon recipe, but Leigh Anne is good enough to link to her lemon curd recipe, which uses a combination of egg yolks, lemon juice and zest, sugar, and butter. The lemon curd that you make from scratch will taste so much more refreshing than the store version, and you can control the amount of sugar added, so if you prefer a lemon curd that is tangier, just add less sugar.

If you are on the search for family activities for kids, this lemon pastry recipe is accessible for them to help with for a fun day in the kitchen. You can get them to help you make the dough, lemon curd, and glaze, and they will love the assembly of dolloping on significant amounts of smooth lemon flavour, not to mention the drizzling of glaze over top. Just make sure that when they are making the lemon curd, they continuously whisk the mixture so that the eggs don’t curdle. Don’t worry is there are some clumps of egg in your lemon curd recipe, though, as you can just strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove the curdled egg pieces and get a smoother consistency.

Even if you don’t want to make this lemon rolls recipe with lemon curd, you can always vary the filling by substituting with another flavour of curd, jams, jelly, or even chocolate spread. The pastry dough recipe is excellent and can be used in any number of dessert roll recipe preparations so consider turning them into a raspberry Danish or filling with chocolate spread, like Nutella, and sprinkling over with chopped hazelnuts. You can even roll the dough out as you would with cinnamon rolls or sticky buns, then sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, and raisins. Next, slice them before baking into individual pastries and spooning glaze over the top. If you are a diehard lemon lover, Leigh Anne’s blog is the place to visit. She offers recipes for lemon chiffon pie, lemon angel pie, and a berry lemon tart recipe. Thanks, Leigh Anne, the author of ‘Your Homebased Mom’ recipe blog, for showing us how to make her lovely lemon rolls recipe, as well as her lemon curd.**

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