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The Alaskan wood cabin has a nice and simple design that's portable too. This also makes the cabin very affordable compared to Rich Portable Cabins' other full sized park models. The cabin could make for the perfect tiny house or vacation cabin with a full kitchen, one bedroom, a living room and a large bathroom. The exterior of the cabin looks just like a regular home with wooden siding and a cute front porch too. The inside also features wooden tongue and groove panelling throughout as well, creating a nice cozy feeling within the home. The bedroom at the back of the tiny house design is large enough for a queen bed with room to walk around the bed and for night stands too. There's an egress window or the option to put in a door access to lead outside. There is also a closet and the option to have a built-in dresser so there would be lots of room to store clothing and accessories.

The kitchen a galley style kitchen which is very efficient and practical for a smaller space. There is lots of room to add in full-sized appliances and also stacked laundry units. The beautiful cabinets offer lots of great storage and countertops give lots of space to prepare meals. There's also a nice window at the kitchen sink that's perfect for gazing out of while doing the dishes. The bathroom in this unit features a 36-inch fibreglass shower, as well as a large vanity with a mirror and plenty of space for the toilet. You could install a regular flush toilet if you knew that you'd have septic connections, or install a composting toilet that would be good for being off the grid. The living room in this tiny house design is nice and large with tons of space for regular sized furniture. They installed some nice large windows to open the space up more, but there is also the option of adding in more windows to add more natural light and make the space feel even larger. The home is 13.6 feet tall, 13.10 feet wide and 33 feet long which includes the 4 foot porch. So overall, the wood cabin has about 330 square feet of space, and it weighs approximately 18,000 pounds so it can be towed by a heavy-duty truck.

Inside the walls, there is R-13 insulation and R-30 ceiling insulation to keep the cabin warm. They include laminate flooring, but a different type of flooring could be installed for an extra cost. Also included in the package is the double pane energy efficient windows, the handcrafted Hickory cabinets, laminate countertops, the bathtub or shower and all of the lighting. The lighting is nice, recessed lighting and there's also a ceiling fan in the living room. In the kitchen, they include a 30 inch gas or electric range, the range hood, a 14 cubic foot 28-inch wide fridge and electric heat. The house comes with a 50 amp RV power cord with a 120 amp main panel service box. There are also some additional options you can include in your tiny house design including a bed with built-in storage, stacked laundry units, a larger deck area made from cedar wood and air conditioning. You could also include a wood stove which is great to have incase all of your other heating sources are out of service. You can also outfit your wood cabin to be off the grid by installing solar panels and a grey water system. Check out this tiny house design and some of the other wood cabins at Rich Portable Cabins.***

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