Luscious Coconut Cream Cake

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style

Luscious Coconut Cream Cake by any other name would still taste just as sweet and delicious. This is a cake that is rich with coconut milk, milk, and cream. This milk overload, especially if you serve this cake well chilled as you should, will yield a cake that has a wonderfully tender crumb and mild, yet intoxicating, flavor. Be sure to use real cream in order to experience the uniqueness of this cake. This cake is quite similar to the national cake of Mexico, called Tres Leche, or three milk cake. There are some differences, particularly with respect to the addition of coconut, but the very clean, rich, not sweet but satisfying flavor of the cake is a wonderful thing to experience in either cake.

This cake comes from the fantastic website, Melissa’s Southern Kitchen Style, which offers some truly great recipes to its readers. Keep this website bookmarked and go to it often for ideas about cooking. Southern cooking is always over the top, but for food where you want any kind of wow factor, this is a great site to check out. And this cake is just one example of the kind of impact food from this site (and southern food generally) hits you with. For example, this recipe uses seven ounces of coconut—that is hilarious. You will be dreaming in coconut with this big addition to this cake, but be sure to do it. Skimping is just not the way to go with this lovely cake. It also looks very pretty because the cake is light in color due to the milks in it, and the frosting is white because it is made of cream.

This is a wonderful cake. Be sure to try it soon for a time when you want to really impress your family or guests with your culinary skill. They will be.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style, by following the link below.

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