Mac and Cheese Waffles

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This recipe looks like so much fun that to make these Mac and Cheese Waffles I think I would buy the special waffle stick maker, just to get them looking just the photos on the website. This is a recipe that made me laugh out loud when I read it, just thinking about how much of a kick kids will get out of this dish. It is just what the recipe title says it is, macaroni and cheese made in to waffles. Now if that sounds crazy, check out the blog and see for yourself. This recipe is a must make if you have kids, even teenagers. Everyone loves macaroni and cheese, at any age, and this is one way to make it even more appealing.

The recipe is made on one day, then spread on a cookie sheet and chilled overnight. That creates a kind of dough or block of the macaroni. This block is what you use to make your waffles. The cheese will crisp up on the edges, and there will be chewy and crunchy bits throughout these waffles. They are a perfect fast food. I have not tried this idea, but I wonder if you could possibly make the waffles and freeze them, then pop them in the toaster oven to bake and reheat . . . ?? Regardless, these waffles are a perfect go to food, and one that your kids will be sure to grab on the way out the door, especially at breakfast, one of the killer times when kids just do not want to eat anything. This recipe will change their minds.

Make plenty of these mac and cheese waffles because everyone in the family is going to love them. They can be served for lunch with a side salad, or even make them up for dinner with hamburgers. What a great treat!

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