Macaroni and Cheese Muffins

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We wanted to feature this recipe for Macaroni and Cheese Muffins because it looks so delicious and fun to make. There are so many events that this would be perfect for. Can you imagine how popular this would be at a child's birthday party instead of hotdogs or hamburgers! Never mind the children though, as we know adults also love mac&cheese so you could make them just as suggested in the recipe, or you could spice them up a little bit with the addition of a little chili sauce or something.

The foil cupcake liners are very much a part of the presentation as they look so stylish. The recipe also calls for Panko Bread crumbs. If you are not in the habit yet of using them yet, you may just be curious what the difference is between them and regular bread crumbs for toppings. The word is Japanese in origin and used as a light breading in Japanese cooking. Most breadcrumbs are made by a process of toasting bread and rolling it out to a find crumb then adding seasonings. Panko is lighter, crispier and airier than breadcrumbs because it is created with a different process and is a no crust bread. The texture itself means it will absorb less fat, so it creates a crispier type of crumb when baked or fried. Panko is being commonly used and is even replacing the traditional bread crumb topping. If you want a natural organic Panko, just read your labels as it is available.

Once you use Panko, for many, going back to bread crumbs is not an option. The grandmother in our family, toasts the panko in either a tiny bit of butter or olive oil, in a heavy frying pan or in the oven to this crispy golden brown topping that is fantastic sprinkled on top of both sweet and savory dishes!

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