Macaroni With Broccoli and Cheese

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Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli is a delicious combination, and it looks great in the pan, as well. Every one loves macaroni and cheese and most people like broccoli, at least when it comes with cheese, so this is a meal that most of your family will probably enjoy. This recipe will likely meet your daily requirement for calcium and magnesium, and possible protein. There is lots of milk and cheese to make the meal rich and flavorful as well as nutritious.

Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, which are considered one of the most important groups for nutrition. And the great thing about broccoli is that even kids like to eat it, sometimes even plain. It is a great snack to make, lightly steamed and served with a bit of olive oil and salt. Just one cup of broccoli contains more than enough vitamin K and C, which can facilitate the vitamin D’s use in our bodies as well as many other vitamins and nutrients. Broccoli is a vegetable you could (and maybe should) eat as often as you can get your family to munch it down. Hide it in other dishes or be sure to include other cruciferous foods like brussel sprouts (a much maligned but fabulous veggie, too) frequently in your diet.

This recipe for Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli also includes pasta, in this case, penne, but any short pasta could work. Be sure to slightly undercook the pasta by about one or two minutes. You will have reached that stage when you bite in to the pasta, and it is nearly cooked, but obviously needs a bit more time. This can be a tricky step to learn, but it is important. Overcooked pasta is digested too quickly and can result in a carbohydrate spike. To avoid that, you want the pasta cooked al dente, just soft.

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